Our family was really struggling, both with our health and with living the mining FIFO (Fly In Fly Out) life. The kids were missing their dad and dad was missing out on his kids growing up! Mum was totally exhausted, working full time and running 3 kids around being “mum & dad” all at the same time! Life was just not good.

Our beautiful neighbours, Adam & Jacqui, were watching how our life was unravelling and introduced us to Isagenix.

Though extremely sceptical at first, we decided to give it a go, as there was a 30 day money back guarantee and we thought we had nothing to lose!

In 30 days we had complete health transformations and couldn’t wait to share this amazing program with others. People noticed the change in us and wanted to be a part of it.

Not long after we had started, we earned enough to replace Maren’s income which allowed her to resign from her full time work. This was the day we knew that Isagenix was going to be the vehicle to get Stephen off the mines. This was great motivation for both of us to start sharing the system to a bigger audience and to turn a part time income into a full-time business opportunity.

We continued sharing and the day arrived when Stephen was able to resign and be reunited with our family. What a life changer! Thank you Isagenix and thank you to all our customers and beautiful team who trusted in us and trusted in the system.

Today, we work side by side from home and spread the opportunity to anyone looking for better health, looking for something that really works and looking for something to set them “free.” There is a simple system to follow and anyone can change their current circumstances if they want to. Isagenix has been that vehicle for our family. It can be for yours too.

Why are we so passionate? Soon after leaving the mines, we were driving to a presentation with our youngest son, Liam. He looked at dad and said, “Dad, tell them if they aren’t going to do it (Isagenix) for themselves then they must do it for their kids.” Dad looked at him stunned and asked him why. His reply was immediate: “so they can get fit and healthy and play with their kids. They can earn some money, quit their jobs and return home to their kids”, and then….”did you know that I cried myself to sleep every night for 3 years while you were working away?”

The tears streamed down our faces and we knew then that our lives would never be the same again. If we can help just 1 more little boy or little girl not have to go through what Liam did then we go to bed happy.

Isagenix has transformed the health of our family. It is now changing the financial blueprint of our family for generations to come. We are full time Isagenix Associates and love what we do and that means helping other people to change their lives to live a life of purpose, passion and contribution whilst being the healthiest version of themselves.

With a proven system, combined with our mentoring and coaching we have helped many families change their health, incomes and lives. We are allowing people to dream again.

If you would like, Isagenix can change your life too. Please ask us how!


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